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Cristian Chirila black&whiteHello there and welcome to my personal website!

My name is Cristian Chirila and I am an international Grand Master of chess. I was born and raised in Bucharest, the greatest city and capital of my beloved country, Romania.




What do children do?

THEY PLAY. WHAT DID I DO? I PLAYED CHESS AND I SIMPLY LOVED IT. Everything started when I was five years old and my father introduced me to chess. It was a spring day, right before the spring break in kindergarten when a flu epidemic hit and kids were forced to stay at home for a few days. My dad knew about my aversion towards the forced sleeping hours imposed by the kindergarten (I had a lot of energy, sleeping was not an option) so he offered to make a deal: he would withdraw me from school if I would be willing to receive tutoring from him and learn chess. I immediately accepted it and we started the training. The silent, yet very heart thundering rhythm of the game always made me feel that chess is like a ride in a sound-proofed car, you’re the only one that can hear what happens inside it and can only see what’s outside of it. The ride also has a clear destination – winning the game. I always try to study my opponent and figure out what’s the music playing inside his car – I try to anticipate his every move, and this anticipation scenario as well as the competitive aspect of the game are the incentives that keep me going even after tough loses.


The first time I won a major competition was in 2000, at the age of 9, when I became a national junior champion. The feeling I had back then made me realize chess is and will always be my greatest passion.


Cristian Chirila - Caricatura

Cristian Chirila – Caricatura

What’s my next move going to be?

Fast forward a few years, and a lot of national and international medals including the World Championship title in the U-16 category, and here I am, currently pursuing an International Political Economy Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). How did I get to the other part of the world? Simple. UTD has probably the best chess program in the United States and has offered a full scholarship for my studies. I saw this as a great opportunity and immediately accepted their offer. The downside of it was that I left my family and friends behind, with option of visiting them only briefly during my breaks. This has been extremely tough but just like in chess, I am not afraid of accepting such challenges.


At the moment I am in my senior year and will graduate in May 2014.


This site’s main purpose is to enhance the image of chess as a sport and a fascinating intellectual brawl between two human minds. I think that chess can be a great educational tool but that at the moment the publicity around it is poor and its image doesn’t associate well with what the media wants to promote. Chess needs a more dynamic approach, as well as more dynamic people to promote it. I believe that this is currently an ongoing process and I want to be part of it. Feel free to browse through my website and don’t forget to check my personal blog where I will be regularly post about chess, fitness, fashion, and my dream of becoming a Hollywood actor. Also, I want to believe I’m a funny guy, which will hopefully make my blog posts enjoyable. Have fun!



Yours truly,