Season finale. Graduation.

Season finale. Graduation.

I could not think of a more dramatic way of putting it. I still didn’t realize exactly how my life changed in the past few days. Some facts that I am aware of is that I have no classes to register for, I don’t have any deadline for any academic paper, and I definitely don’t think about my GPA anymore, not that I ever did. It’s a bit strange to think that for the past four years I have been directing my energy towards obtaining a degree with no real plan of using it afterwards. My instinct tells me that I will probably never use it as a passport towards getting a job. It may add some sort of fulfillment to my life and my parent’s, maybe some credibility among my peers, but no palpable purpose seems to be seen on the horizon. Nevertheless, I feel great that I finally graduated and I can concentrate on the things I really want to accomplish, without having to write a paper on Chinese literature in the meantime…

My idleness on the blog has mostly been due to my laziness and overall lack of inspiration. It can also be attributed to the fact that I was studying for my classes during the weekdays, travelling to chess tournaments during the weekends, as well as trying to keep up with my chess preparation and that of my students. Now that I don’t have school on my head, I hope I will be able to maintain a constant presence on this blog.

There would be many things to say, and I could probably fill a few good pages with stories about my last month’s travels and experiences, but in the next days I want to share one of my very recent experiences, a first timer that I will definitely remember for the rest of my life!

Stay tuned, soon to follow!

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