summer action

A few days ago my second summer tournament finished. After a disastrous US Open, in which the only consolation was that it was not FIDE rated, I had to travel to Rockville to participate for the second year in a row in one of my favorite tournaments in the US, Washington International. There are various reasons why it became my favorite tournament, one of the most important being that the atmosphere is extremely private and relaxed. There are 3 rooms, connected to each other, and if you can play strongly enough to stay in the first 2 rooms (first 12 boards or so) then you can actually feel like a true chessplayer. You are surrounded mostly by strong players, the quiet rooms allow you to fully concentrate, and the overall feel is that you are a respected figure playing the royal game. This type of environment always suited me and I tend to play quite decent chess in such events, more problems I have in big opens in which I find it extremely hard to maintain my focus and motivation throughout the games. This is exactly what happened in US Open, when I even managed to draw a game in which I had easy mate in 2 and failed to spot it with more than 1 minute on the clock. My confidence was quite shaken but I learned from the bad experience and was quite motivated to play better chess in Washington. The main goal at the beginning of the summer was anyway to get in shape for the upcoming Millionaire Chess, the most impressive chess event the world has seen so far, and so US Open was quickly forgotten.

My next tournament will be the CalChess State Championship that will be held in San Francisco starting the 30th of August. After that I will remain in California for the next month and half where I will be training for the Millionaire, as well as continuing offering chess lessons and traveling for exhibitions. I am quite excited about the change of environment, and hopefully will prove to be the right decision in the long term. The next few months are going to be extremely important for my career and personal development, I am looking forward to what the future holds!

I will now let you enjoy a few  games from my recent tournaments, good or bad, I hope there are some teachings involved in them.

Yours truly,


Washington International